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Spare Parts from UAE - DUBAI

Welcome to the website of "PREMIERPARTS AUTO PARTS TRDG".

Who are WE?

We are a United Arab Emirates-based direct wholesale supplier of auto spare parts shipping to countries around the world. Our attitude to work, the maximum use of opportunities available to us and the desire to be the best, has enabled Republic Air Group to become one of the leaders in the auto spare parts export market.

We supply spare parts of the following manufacturers:

Toyota   Honda   Nissan   Mitsubishi   Subaru   Mazda   Lexus   Daihatsu
Isuzu   Land Rover   Range Rover   Ford   Suzuki   Kia/Hyundai
Peugeot   Chrysler   Renault   General Motors   Hino   Jaguar   Mercedes-Benz

Why work with US?

  • We are located in the UAE, which gives us the following advantages:
    • individual, privileged relationships with major dealers, airlines and transportation companies in the region;
    • cutting out the middlemen ensures minimum price and delivery time, reduces errors, and enables quick response to any queries or changes to orders.
  • We are continuously improving our logistics network and arrangements. We can deliver goods to any city in the world and completely take care of shipping. In Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, we arrange customs clearance of goods.
  • We have created and run our own software for almost a decade. The system helps automate and optimize processes as well as eliminate "human factor" errors in all steps of processing an order. Our web services allow our customers to receive information about orders as well as add orders automatically.
  • The convenient "customer zone" provides a quick update of information (availability, prices, changes in the status of an order, etc.).
  • Based on the reviews from our customers and carriers, our packaging of the spare parts is the best.
  • We provide an individual approach to each client and there is no unnecessary bureaucracy or red tape to go through when dealing with us.
  • We are focused on long-term cooperation, and strive to do everything to ensure our clients' working relationships with us are as comfortable and productive for both parties as possible.